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By filling out and submitting the application form ("Direct Loan Enquiries") you accept that we may pass the information supplied by you on to third parties in order for them to evaluate the loan enquiry and to offer you a loan if you match their criteria. A credit check may also be performed as part of this process - i.e. your information may be supplied to a credit ratings firm. is not a provider of loans - instead we direct your enquiries on to authorised loans providers. We are not a registered financial institution - our purpose is to introduce you to relevant providers of loans and financing.

Any interest rates and/or financial information displayed on this website should be only be considered as rough guides or examples - you should always seek independent information before making any financial decisions. Actual loan terms will need to be agreed with the providers of loans and may vary from any examples shown on this website.

By using this website you agree not to hold or its owner Web Ventures Limited liable for any incorrect information displayed on the website, nor for any losses which you may incur based on any information which you read on this website. We will endeaver to correct any false information that is pointed out to us within a timely fashion.

For more information please also refer to our privacy policy.

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